Active Forecasting and Planning Tools for Businesses

At SEREVISO, we firmly believe that dedicated planning tools and Workday can help companies pass the unexpected events without risks.

What companies need today is speed, agility, and power to anticipate the market conditions, and that’s what our consultancy team offered to each organisation that trusted us from the beginning, by implementing suitable company budget planner solutions.

Our dedicated planning tools, company budget planner and analysis processes offer full functionalities to users while eliminating manual tasks to drive efficiency.

Besides, the planning tools access all relevant company’s data and give users the advantage of modelling information in order to gain insights in a visual format.

Prior to implementing a planning and forecasting solution, we always answer the following questions:

  1. What solution will create the most significant outcome for the shareholders?
  2. How do we align the current resources with the business strategy?
  3. How do we ensure accountability for the business strategy?
  4. How will we adapt the solution to reflect the changing conditions?

Our Planning and Forecasting approach


  • Define key performance indicators
  • Business requirements
  • Infrastructure requirements


  • Identify the current status of the business
  • Examine people, processes and technologies
  • Highlight weaknesses and opportunities

Define objectives

  • Identify the desired future state of the company
  • Consider the organizational needs

Operational support

  • User & technical support
  • Monitor performance
  • Enhancements & updates

Execute, manage and test the project

  • Implement the Planning and Forecasting project with alternating rounds of test phases
  • Choose a solution from the most reliable vendors

Create the project roadmap

  • Project planning
  • Define stages of development for the project
  • Calculate the needed resources

How can planning & forecasting tools change the game in your department?

Financial Department

  • Automation: create automated organizational structure and time planning
  • Cash Flow Projection: balance sheet forecasting and cash flow projection with integrated data
  • Analysis: apply what-if analysis on different cash requirements scenarios
  • Real-time access: provide real-time insights from the financial reports and studies
  • Data integration: automated integration of information with the ERP system


  • Integration: integrate all data with the Workday Adaptive Planning for the workforce
  • Analysis: run tests on various hiring scenarios and assumptions
  • General management: allocate workforce and manage staffing needs
  • Forecasting: analyze current data and identify the upcoming hiring need
  • Workforce management: reduce the workforce planning cycle time


  • Integration: integrate the data collected through the CRM systems
  • Testing: create tests according to different revenue assumptions
  • Effective Forecasting: anticipate upcoming revenue and analyze the impact for the overall company budget planner

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