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Planning is so much more than just drawing up a budget. Not a day goes by that is without some sort of planning. Be it the launch of new products, the expansion into new markets, the acquisition of other companies, or simply everyday sales and operations planning. The challenge is to constantly keep an eye on these fast-changing situations, ensure the alignment of various initiatives and set the right priorities.

Collaboration is key

Wouldn’t it be great to make individual plans visible and transparent to the extent that you need? To enable everyone in your organisation to efficiently incorporate planning into their routines and collaborate across departments in a single environment? And get a financial forecast as a by-product on top of that? 

We’re aware that this is a challenging task we’ve experienced it alongside our customers many times. That’s why we’re here to navigate you through the process and support you in taking your planning and forecasting processes to a new level.


Tailored to your Needs

Efficient planning processes are built on 3 pillars: 

  • People 
  • Processes 
  • Systems 

At Sereviso, we’re committed to delivering planning and forecasting solutions tailored to your company's individual needs. That’s why our services go beyond the technical roll-out of a planning system. We analyse the requirements with the stakeholders, design the to-be planning processes and organisation, provide guidance on the selection of the right planning tool, implement the solution and support you after the go-live. 

People & Processes 

As a first key step, the requirements of all stakeholders are analysed, which ranges from management and its information needs to the department managers’ specific planning requirements and finally to the contributors and their business processes. By teaming up with the stakeholders, the new planning processes are designed and rolled out according to an agreed roll-out sequence, enabling fast development cycles with instant feedback.  

The extent to which the customer wishes to be involved in the development is highly flexible: Participation can range from Sereviso providing full service to a coaching model that uses the company’s own resources. 


Finding the right System

The best planning and forecasting processes are useless without the right system. Sereviso partners team up with top-of-the-class providers of Corporate Performance Management systems (CPM) to recommend the most suitable solution. 

Modern CPM tools are the key to streamlining your planning processes. They contain features that enable an efficient planning process while creating high acceptance through optimal user-friendliness:  

  • Customisable planning model 
  • Automated consolidation 
  • Integration of actuals and plan data 
  • Integrated reporting and visualisation 
  • Scenario planning 
  • Collaboration 
  • Workflows 
  • Easy-to-use modelling functionality 
  • Easy-to-learn user-interface 
  • Role concept and security 
  • Extended analysis functions (drill-down, audit trail, etc.) 
  • Interfaces with other systems 


5 Key Benefits

The benefits of a new planning solution don’t just appear out of thin air. They’re the result of configuring processes and systems according to the needs of the organisation. Sereviso’s agile approach ensures a customised and fast implementation.

Well-designed planning solutions provide numerous benefits: 

Benefits of our Planning Solutions

time icon - Sereviso

Reduced cycle times

companywide collaboration icon - Sereviso

Company-wide planning collaboration

user friendliness logo - Sereviso

User acceptance through user-friendliness

real time data Icon - Sereviso

Real-time reporting on all levels

Scenario Planning icon - Sereviso

Simple and efficient scenario-planning


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