Our Business Intelligence consultants have over ten years of experience in offering services and support to companies  that plan to implement analytics solutions.

Even if technologies have continuously improved and started to provide more features and functionalities, our experienced team used these changes as an opportunity to enhance the way our clients do business.


We’ve been delivering many successful projects to our partners, mostly thanks to our team that builds customized solutions based on modern tools, such as Power BI. Our expertise in using the Power BI functionalities brought us many opportunities over time.

However, it is not the only tool that we use to enhance the power of data. We are also highly specialized in using Qlik, SAP BW, Cognos BI, SAP BO, Yellowfin, Zebra BI.

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At SEREVISO, we build the Business Intelligence architecture around the specific needs of each organization, ensuring that the product chosen is best fit for the needs of the customer.

Our expertise in creating compelling BI software relies on our experience in different industries, which made us understand how crucial it is to understand your company’s data.

Our business strategy approach - complete roadmap from analyzing to implementation and maintenance


  • Define key performance indicators
  • Business requirements
  • Infrastructure requirements

Analyse & Diagnose

  • KPI & metrics definition
  • Roadmap development
  • Prototype and proof of concept
  • Reports and models
  • Dashboard design

Data preparation

  • Data discovery & architecture
  • Data integration
  • Data maping
  • Data warehouseing
  • Big data solutions

Operational support

  • User & technical support
  • Monitor performance
  • Enhancements & updates
  • Tool adoption


  • Power users training
  • Handle BI tools & run analysis

BI testing

  • Test implementation
  • Agile fine tuning


  • Ensure data quality
  • Configuration, extention & custom development
  • Workflow integration

Enforce the power of Business Intelligence to drive change into your department

Financial Intelligence

  • Financial reporting: consolidate data from multiple sources for better reporting, and planning
  • Expense management: investigate expenses in real-time, understand spending patterns and trends and mitigate risks
  • Profitability management: deliver a complete view of companies revenues and profits
  • Cash-flow management: improve the cash conversion cycle

IT Intelligence

  • IT management: manage the IT queues, prioritize projects
  • IT infrastructure: predict technology needs, track equipment inventory, distribution, and ownership
  • Software management: analyze past purchases, optimize the acquisition, maintenance or utilization of various software assets, reduce costs for unnecessary investments
  • Network management: monitor the log analysis, identify unusual activity, improve system efficiency

Sales Intelligence

  • Exploring sales data: improve targeting, uncover new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Sales management: improve pipeline control and revenue performance
  • Customer Relationship Management: make smarter decisions, transform the complex data into selling opportunities

HR Intelligence

  • Workplace management: optimize the employees' control, monitor the productivity trends inside the organization
  • Rewards management: analyze performances, allocate rewards
  • Recruitment process: find better quality candidates for the available positions in the company

Marketing Intelligence

  • Campaign performance: track and measure the marketing campaigns performance
  • Audience segmentation: target the right prospects for a higher conversion rate
  • Analytics: identify threats, opportunities, market shifts and trends, adjust activities in real-time

Suply Chain Intelligence

  • Increase performance: manage the supply chain, increase visibility and reduce risks
  • See the big picture: simplify the supply chain, make various associations between data, identify hidden relationships
  • Complete management: manage multiple tasks in one place, from production to warehousing and transportation

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