Case Study

Service: Business Intelligence

Industry: Pharma

Department: Treasury, Finance

Size: 2.500+ employees in over 40 countries

Revenue: 1.5+ bn CHF (2020)

Insurance Management App for a pharmaceutical company

Business intelligence systems have become vital support tools for the decision-making process. They transform large amounts of raw data into information and knowledge. Considering the global challenges this world is currently facing, health companies have to be able to act and react fast. This affects how science-driven branches gather, assess, and utilise data to become more effective in all their business areas.

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Ben Neesom

Ben Neesom - Sereviso CEO Contact

One task, many dependencies

Our client is a pharma group and a global leader in iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia therapies. This company develops, manufactures, and markets pharmaceutical prescription and non-prescription products. They are driven by a seemingly simple idea: to put patients at the centre of everything they do. Taking on such responsibility entails big challenges. And creating a high-tech research and development environment is just one of them, with respect to vast expenses.

With more than 25 local entities in various countries, our client’s facilities, inventory, and goods not only have to be constructed, financed, and maintained, but also properly insured to avoid unnecessary risks. This task is usually performed by the local CFOs, as they have immediate access to the local market and can negotiate terms and conditions directly with local insurance providers.

A solution for process optimisation 

Central CFO and treasury have limited insights into the coverage of those insurance policies, however. To get an overview, a request was sent to the local entities once a year, asking them to fill in the blanks of an excel file. Given that those responsible tended to be slow to provide feedback, a time-consuming process was set in motion that made it virtually impossible to get a precise and correct overview – and quickly at the same time.

Sereviso was tasked to develop a solution to automate this process. The goal was to create an app for data entry and to design workflows to accelerate and simplify collaboration between the head of treasury and its local dependencies. These processes should include an automated kick-off for the yearly update via email, as well as several reminders and procedures – if the responsible party does not perform their tasks on time. Once completed, the results should be made available in a report that delivers an overview of the exact outcome and respective aggregated data – already translated in CHF.

From co-authoring to collaboration

Sereviso analysed the existing workflow as well as the customer’s requirements and advised using a technology by Microsoft. By building and customising a Power App sitting on the Power Platform, all local responsible parties gained immediate access to their countries’ data. Sereviso also optimised several other workflows, based on Microsoft Flow – part of the Power Platform group of applications. Flow now automatically sends emails, reminders, escalations, and updates, streamlining the collaboration between local responsible parties and the head of treasury. Finally, the outcome is written into a SharePoint list, and translated into a visual Power BI dashboard for optimal transparency and readability.

"Being successful is all about doing the right things and doing those things right – not only in pharma. By providing comprehensive information at a moment´s notice, BI solutions allow you to simply stop guessing and start knowing."

Ben Neesom,
Business Intelligence

Benefits at a Glance

  • Reduction in manual data gathering
  • Increased staff efficiency
  • More data consistency and reliability through a single source of truth

Why Power Platform?

  • Low-code platform, ideal for efficiently building business apps
  • Drag and drop capability
  • Integrated with all other Microsoft products, like Power BI, SharePoint, SQL server, etc.


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