Our vision

We explore the vast potential of our clients’ data to create analytics solutions that are of real value.

Our values

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Fetching data with conventional tools can be exhausting and prone to errors. Our AI-driven solutions save time for the fun part of our clients’ work: to plan, decide and create – with a secure feeling based on facts.

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As markets are constantly evolving, a company’s success depends on its ability to adapt. Our goal is to give our clients easy access to serviceable and up-to-the-minute information – to facilitate sustainable action.

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There are 1,000 different ways to do things. We love exploring how to harness the data we’re entrusted with. Exploiting potential is the extra mile that we’re willing to go to add value for our clients.

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What we do is not about us. It’s about our clients’ needs – and what they want to achieve by working with us. Everything we do is meant to create tangible value and make our clients lives’ easier.

Our approach

We’re a team of former finance guys, businessmen and businesswomen, IT project managers, and data engineers who learned about our clients’ frustrations the hard way: by experiencing them first-hand. Frustrated by the limitations of outdated tools, slow decision-making processes, and long working hours during crunch times, we decided to found Sereviso with a simple vision in mind:

To make life easier for people like us. People, who love working with data but want more time for the enjoyable part of this work: to decide, act and create – supported with solid information.

Today we serve our clients as creatives and consultants, driven by our passion for data and innovation. We never forget where we come from, because we can only find the right solutions if we understand our clients’ daily challenges.

Together, we explore the true potential of your data and support you with our expertise and compassion as the complex IT landscape evolves. So be ready to be heard, understood, challenged, and inspired – but most importantly, to take another step towards a new era of decision making.

This could be you!

We are always looking for new perspectives. If what we do has sparked your interest, check out our current open positions, or send us your application directly at info@sereviso.com.

Data & Analytics Consultant – PowerBI, Azure
Where: Hybrid, main location Zurich
When: January 2023 onwards

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