Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform is a suite of business intelligence, app development, and app connectivity software applications. When all these applications are linked, together they can generate extremely powerful business solutions.

Microsoft Power Platform consists of four key applications:

  • Power Apps
  • Power BI
  • Power Automate
  • Power Virtual Agents

When these applications are interlinked, the benefits of Microsoft Power Platform improve exponentially. The individual applications are discussed below: 

Power BI

Power BI is a business analytics and data visualisation platform helping you to gain insights into your data and measure performance across your organisation. It enables you to connect multiple data sources and transform the data according to your needs. For visualisation, you can choose from a variety of chart types and customise them as you prefer. Once you have developed your reports, you can publish them to the Power BI cloud or share them either with your company or embed them into a website (Power BI Embedded) for public access.

Power BI is targeted at businesses of all sizes and industries. Learning how to create data models and dashboards in Power BI is easy: even people with no or little background knowledge in business intelligence (BI) will be able to perform basic data modelling and visualisation.

Power Apps

A custom software application can be a valuable tool for empowering data-driven decision-making, automating processes, or streamlining collaboration. However, the time and cost of developing a custom app can be an obstacle. Many organisations lack the resources for a dedicated development team or struggle to keep up with the demands of process automation.

Low-code development platforms offer a solution for business users wanting to build apps without coding. Moreover, they support programmers and IT managers in reducing some of the manual effort of developing basic business process apps within an organisation. 

Microsoft Power Apps is a rapid development platform that allows users to build connected and intelligent apps free from the time and financial constraints of custom software development. It can either be integrated with existing data sources or the data can be stored in the app. Power Apps makes it possible for users to leverage rich business logic for workflow automation, data visualisation and reporting, collaboration, and more. 

Power Automate

Business models must continually evolve in order to respond to market changes driven by technology. Organisations need to be able to rapidly update products and processes to remain competitive on the market. Unfortunately, the productivity of the administrative process continues to stagnate. Processes that could easily be automated are still carried out manually, preventing employees from focusing on value-adding activities.

Power Automate helps businesses to become smarter by automating the workflow across their apps and services. It allows them to create automated workflows between their favourite apps and services, synchronise files, receive notifications, trigger emails, collect data, and many other types of tasks.

Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents empower organisations to easily build intelligent chatbots that can communicate quickly and automatically with their customers. With no coding required and easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality, businesses can integrate their chatbots into their products and services. Looking up records, personalising conversations, forwarding conversations to live agents, as well as initiating jobs and APIs the use cases are endless.