Discover the true potential
of your data.

Sereviso is a Swiss-based consulting company for data analytics
and performance management. We explore the vast potential
of our clients’ data to create analytics solutions that are of real value.


Where do you want to go?


From data to value

Reveal the hidden potential of your data and explore strategies and technologies to make digitalisation happen.

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Planning & Forecasting

From data to strategy

Bring everyone on board with appropriate software and processes, and regain time to equip your company for what lies ahead.

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Business Intelligence

From data to intelligence

See and understand your data and get up-to-the-minute information that you need to decide, act and innovate.

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Artificial Intelligence

From data to prediction

Automate entire process chains using AI and machine learning and gain in-depth insights that cannot be deciphered by humans.

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Company  •  Jan. 2022

The Making of a strong Brand. Redesigning Sereviso

A strong brand may be complex, but never complicated. However, especially IT companies tend to solely rely on argumentation to lure potential clients. Their marketing materials are overloaded with technical terms cast into the shape of endless bullet lists–difficult to understand but aiming to demonstrate competence and professionalism.

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