Workday Adaptive Planning: Interactive Planning and forecasting for Agile Businesses
Workday Adaptive Planning

What is Workday Adaptive Planning?

Workday Adaptive Planning is the first all-in-one planning, reporting and consolidation software built for the cloud and is a Gartner leader in strategic Corporate Performance Management. Workday Adaptive Planning helps companies manage finance, workforce, sales, operations and opportunities in a timely manner. Compared to the traditional CMP tools, Workday Adaptive Planning provides a seamless collaboration within the company and its diverse modelling capabilities for any business size to ensure that planning pains are converted into additional analysis time and shortened planning cycles. This helps companies with their success on the market.

Sereviso: your trusty technology consulting partner

  • Leverage the unique collaboration with Workday Adaptive Planning on the Swiss and German market
  • Integrate your Planning & Forecasting, Business Intelligence and Legal Consolidation into the same platform
  • Plan activities, create forecasts and budgets in minutes
  • Drive your business to a whole new level

Drive change and attract business opportunities with Sereviso and Workday Adaptive Planning

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Get the most from Workday Adaptive Planning

  • Seamless and integrated planning system across the entire enterprise
  • Flexible planning according to specific company functions, industries, or geography.
  • The tool enables rolling forecasts with integrated driver-based scenarios in real time.
  • Collaboration is easier with Workday Adaptive Planning as everyone is working with the same set of reliable numbers.
  • Interactive Dashboards, Data Visualizations, and charts that are easy to create, personalize, and share
  • Interactive self-service reporting for finance, sales and operations teams
  • Create high-quality reports, presentations and books with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Connect and integrate different data sources (ERP, HCM, CRM, etc.) for accurate business planning.
  • Do your legal consolidation in the same tool
Adaptive Insights is the market leader for Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions (Gartner)

What to expect from Sereviso consultants?


Expertise and experience

Attention to details

Consumer-oriented approach

Results oriented strategy

Fast deployment of the project

Our commitment to creating high-quality projects and our willingness to offer businesses the power of their own data determined us to establish this unique partnership on the Swiss and German market. Together we can deliver the best solutions, adapted to specific business requirements and needs. The combination of our extensive experience and the platform’s capabilities can meet any expectation.

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