Thomas Gassmann
Planning & Forecasting

“Building something is exciting every time. It makes little difference whether it’s planning a solution or a company.”

Learn, share, do and have some fun! Following more than two decades of experience across various sectors and companies, Thomas Gassmann is just as curious and excited about planning as ever. He started out his business life in the financial sector after having finished his master’s degree in Economics. With the objective of gaining experience in consulting and IT, he changed his focus early on and started working in legal consolidation projects. This represented the first step towards a career in planning. 

In the meantime, his expertise has grown substantially – with more than 20 years of experience across various sectors and company sizes, Thomas can truly call himself a master of planning.

Do you prefer the mountains or the sea?
This sounds a bit like “do you prefer planning or a BI solution”. I prefer to have both at the same time and at the same location.

When I’m not working, you can find me …
Only by coincidence. Apart from walking the dog, I don’t follow a certain routine.

If today was Karaoke night, I would sing…
Nothing. I prefer doing things I like and where I have at least a basic talent.

If I could share a meal with any four individuals, living or dead, they would be …
It depends on how hungry I am. Normally I would choose any four individuals who are still alive. Much more interesting!