Timo Gubser
Business Intelligence Consultant

“Work smarter – not harder.”

Before joining Sereviso, Timo gathered experience in various departments, primarily focused on supply chain and finance. When asked what led him to the world of data and analytics, he replied: “In my previous role, I came into contact with a BI project. This encounter sparked my interest and I realised that I wanted to become more involved in this topic.”

As he had been working on a small BI project at the time, the logical next step was to gain more hands-on experience in implementing business intelligence solutions – from concept to completion. 

“I had already enjoyed working with Sereviso in the past, so I decided to apply for a permanent position – the rest is history. “

People would be surprised to learn that I …
Have a background in chemistry. If you have any questions regarding chemistry, please don’t ask me though, I don’t remember much.

If I wouldn’t be working in this position, I would have …
More time to work on playing on the Seniors Golf Tour in the distant future.

Do you prefer the mountains or the sea?
The mountains! After all, I’m Swiss.

When I’m not working, you can find me …
On the golf course, rock climbing, or having a beer at the pub.