Gourav Totla
Data scientist

“Aspire to be the best at whatever you do.”

Right from the start of his career, data has been at the heart of Gourav Totla’s work. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, he came into contact with data integration and warehousing, where he was quick to gain experience in various methodologies for classic ETL (extract, transform, load) processes.

After being responsible for maintaining and developing central data warehouses feeding hundreds of reports and dashboards, he decided to deepen his knowledge in artificial intelligence. This led him to his current position as a data scientist.

“I’m still hungry for new topics. To keep learning new things and being able to apply this knowledge to real, enterprise-scale projects, is a highly rewarding part of my job.”

When I’m not working, you can find me
Playing cricket, badminton or watching TV series.

If I could live anywhere, it would be …
Bangalore! I love this place for its very pleasant climate, the Nandi hills, and the great places to hang out. Plus – it’s the IT hub of India, so there are many like-minded people here. 

My idol is …
Elon Musk. It’s inspiring to see how the revolutionary ideas he’s worked on for so long are now becoming our new reality. 

Languages I speak are …
The two most spoken languages in my environment – English and Hindi.