What is Yellowfin?

Yellowfin, an advanced Business Intelligence tool, delivers the only analytics suite that offers automated analysis storytelling, as well as industry-leading collaboration. The tool is able to fill in the gaps in any application’s reporting functionality, while also providing interactive dashboards, customized reporting, and accessibility through a wide range of devices.

Sereviso is your reliable technology consulting partner

Sereviso and Yellowfin: the perfect combination to support your business development

Interactive, AI-powered dashboards

Customized reports and embedded reports from other dashboards

Seamless integration with various apps

Stories that give data a voice while making everything clear across businesses

Effective data preparation

Branded layout

Self-service analytics tool

Personalized notifications that show you the changes that matter

KPIs monitoring features

Powerful security

What to expect from Sereviso consultants?


Expertise and experience

Attention to details

Consumer-oriented approach

Results oriented strategy

Fast deployment of the project

Our commitment to create and deliver the best technology solutions determined us to search for reliable technology partners on the global market. Yellowfin is one of them!
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Find the right solution for your industry



Financial Services

Supply chain


Oil & Energy


Public Sector

Any industry can benefit the Yellowfin capabilities!


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