eRound Table – Financial Planning for uncertain situations.


Transform current challenges into business growth opportunities.

Uncertain situations leave companies in a vulnerable situation. How are you facing these challenges? Do you think your business is prepared? Is your business adapting fast to the changes? Do you think agile re-budget can help your business?

Join us on a round table eForum session on Wednesday 8th April at 13:30 (GMT+1). Register today, and let’s share experiences between business leaders. 


Thomas Gassmann
Partner at Sereviso AG, specialized in financial planning

20 years’ experience in Financial Planning projects.     
“Successful planning is collaborative and painless”.

About the webinar

The current situation is affecting companies from different sectors all around the world on different levels. In order to be able to minimize the economic impact as much as possible, business will need to adapt fast, re-budget and identify opportunities in these critical circumstances. 

We believe that collaboration is a strong asset in these circumstances, and that to share common challenges, pain points, experiences and also best practices and strategies that are working for you, will help build a strong business system and will secure businesses health and prevent major damage now and in the future. 


29th of April


13:30 (GMT+1)


1 hour

Register now

With your experience in supporting your company to stay on healthy ground and our experience in helping companies to transform their planning process into a strategic advantage, we are confident that: 


We have some lessons, experiences and knowledge we can share


Collaboration to succeed is important


You can get strategies and activities to help you quickly adapt your business to new challenges


Quick re-modelling will minimize the economic effect on your business


Share best-of-class strategies and activities

Join us on our eRound table  session so we can all grow together during these challenging times


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