Rahul Anvekar
Business Intelligence consultant

„Detest Mediocrity!“

Rahul brings to the table a variety of different skills. When he set foot into the world of data & analytics, he began his journey by working with API data extractions using Python and C#. In addition, SQL has sparked his interested, which he uses today for managing Data warehouses as well as ETL processes. Being always hungry to learn additional skills, he taught himself the different tools Microsofts Power Platform (PowerBI, PowerApps & PowerAutomate) has to offer.

To the question what he most loves about his job, he replies: “It’s a great environment to learn and grow. When overcoming the challenges given, it gives me a sense of fulfillment – which is when I am becoming a better version of myself!”

When I’m not working, you can see me …
Doing always different things! But most likely trekking, adventure sports, working out, Going on bike rides or listening to podcasts. And, admittingly, sometimes watching Anime and Tv series.

If I could live anywhere, it would be …
Either Japan, as I am very intrigued by their culture and as I am interested in martial arts –  Or Switzerland, for its idyllic landscapes, gorgeous green meadows and snow-capped mountains.

The most rewarding part of my job is …
developing my skills while being surrounded by a supportive team.

Do you prefer the mountains or the sea?
The mountains – mostly because of the Air quality , happiness and growth which occurs while you’re climbing it.