Patrick Schimmel
Planning Consultant

“The future is unwritten.”

“Forecasting means so much more for a business than just filling in financial figures. It is about understanding what drives the business and empowering people to make the best possible decisions”, Patrick Schimmel says. And he knows exactly what he is talking about: over the past years, Patrick has led numerous projects that involved establishing efficient and transparent forecasting and controlling processes.

Taking advantage of his background as a business controller and his extensive experience in various multinational companies, he wants to further advance the effectiveness and efficiency of planning and forecasting processes. For Patrick, this can only work using a holistic approach that encompasses people, processes, and systems.

Why have you chosen to work for Sereviso?
At Sereviso I can manage a variety of projects that are as diverse as our customers. Developing the right solution for each individual case requires a good amount of creativity and know-how. The team spirit at Sereviso fosters this creativity and constant development.

When I’m not working, you can find me …
Biking uphill, biking downhill, playing volleyball, fighting fires.

The most rewarding part of my job is …
Seeing how customers enjoy success when working differently.

Languages I speak are …
English, German, French, Italian.