Sereviso Partners with iqbs to Offer Out of the Box BI Solutions
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Sereviso, a Swiss leading consulting and Corporate Performance Management solutions provider, announces a new partnership with iqbs, which delivers and implements Business Intelligence solutions based on Microsoft platforms. The collaboration between the two companies proves, once again, Sereviso’s expansion in the European market and the desire to offer the best technology solutions to customers and partners.

We have been working with iqbs for many years on different projects, but now it’s time to make this collaboration official, so customers know who we are working with to accomplish their objectives. We believe that this is the start of a successful collaboration”, said Ben Neesom, Partner, Business Intelligence at Sereviso.

Sereviso has been a great partner for us, and now that we make the collaboration official we couldn’t be happier. Our knowledge on Microsoft platforms combined with Sereviso’s experience in delivering advanced BI solutions will allow both to solve any issue that customers face”, said Rene Berends, Managing Director at iqbs.

iqbs, based in the Netherlands and Prague, has experience in delivering and implementing Business Intelligence solutions based on different Microsoft platforms such as SQL, SharePoint and Power BI. The agile approach used by iqbs is an essential element of the company’s success and commitment for each project.

Companies are looking for new BI solutions

The latest market trends highlighted the businesses need to implement advanced technological solutions for further development. Business Intelligence solutions are on top of the list when it comes to digital transformation, and the European organizations started to take advantage of it lately.

The increased demand for BI technology has been reported in various market studies. According to Gartner, by the end of 2020 more than 40% of enterprises’ new investments will go to Business Intelligence and analytics solutions. Moreover, another report highlights that by the end of 2021 the BI market size will reach 26.50 $ billion, growing at a CAGR of around 8.4% between 2016 and 2021.

The business world is looking forward to new technologies that can transform their business and increase the overall efficiency through data-driven decisions, and the collaboration between Sereviso and iqbs will definitely answer the market demand.

Out of the box Business Intelligence for various environments

iqbs delivers innovative Business Intelligence solutions and thanks to the integration with the Microsoft BI platforms the company is able to support different environments for on premise and cloud use.

For SAP environments, the company is fully certified (Theobald Xtract IS) and able to offer a user-friendly and affordable BI system, with all the data security best practices included. Moreover, the BI solutions provided for this environment include a series of sample reports, which allow users to access the dashboard in just a few weeks after the project starts.

The Microsoft based technology has helped iqbs develop specialized BI solutions for ERP systems such as Infor LN | Baan, which works as an independent platform and don’t affect the ERP system. It is important to mention that the iqbs BI uses predefined datasets and corporate data to allow users to extract insights immediately.

Another system supported by iqbs is Power BI, a joint technology partner. Sereviso and iqbs are both specialized in delivering BI solutions based on Microsoft Power BI. The tool allows users to convert data into future decisions. The interactive and visual dashboard provides the decision-makers in any company the needed support to sustain their development plans.

The collaboration between Sereviso and iqbs will open the door for new opportunities. The combined expertise and experience of the BI consultants will help both companies deliver high-quality solutions to any industry in the European and Global market. Also, the rapid deployment methodology provided by Sereviso will offer customers the opportunity to benefit the BI solution in less time than expected.

Find out more about the Sereviso’s offering here.

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