Watch our webinars & product demos to learn more about Corporate performance management

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with those interested in Corporate Performance Management, and that’s why we decided to conduct a series of webinars in which we are trying to teach business executives how to streamline their processes through technology. 

Webinar of the Month

The future of planning: Expanding beyond FP&A

The future of planning: Expanding beyond FP&A

1 hour of planning will save you 10 hours of doing… help them plan better to save more time.

During this 50-minute on-demand, you will see how different departments inside of your company with separate models can be integrated and synced to the central source of truth (using a powerful planning tool)

This on-demand webinar will cover:

       -How the path to recovery, respond and thrive with Workday Adaptive Planning really looks like and what does this mean

       -Which other departments outside of finance can benefit from planning, and how to integrate the different departments into a single source of truth

        -Planning use case (Sales, Ops, People)

Past webinars

Making Complex Financial Models More Effcient

Making Complex Financial Models More Efficient

Planning Automation

Corporate Planning Automation

Demo video-Budgeting for 2021

Demo video-Budgeting for 2021

Your A to Z Guide to Budgeting Season

Your "A to Z" Guide to Budgeting Season

bEYOND EXCEL - Moving Away from Spreadsheets for Financial Planning

Demo video - modelling and planning with collaborative cloud software

Demo video - Agile Budget and forecasting



Reforecasting and Scenario Planning in Times of Uncertainty

Dashboards and Self-Service Reporting


4 steps to improve forecasting

Demo Video - 5 Steps to getting your business on board with rolling forecasts

Rolling forecast

5 Steps to getting your business on board with rolling forecasts

Active planning for Life Sciences Industry with Adaptive Insights

Active planning for Nonprofit Organizations - Product Demo

Active Planning for Professional and Business Services

Active Planning for Healthcare Providers

Active planning for SaaS Companies

product Demos

Accounts receivable Demo

Accounts receivable (AR) is the balance of money due to a firm for goods or services delivered or used but not yet paid for by customers.

The longer receivables are outstanding, the higher the risk will never be collected.

Watch our Demo and learn more about this Solution.

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