What is Power BI?

Power BI is a Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions that lets you visualize the company’s data for all the business departments. Its primary competitive advantage is that is can connect multiple data sources and bring to life valuable information through interactive dashboards and reports in a quick an agile way.

Why let Sereviso help you with your Power BI project?

We’ve been intensively working with Power BI to develop and implement state of the art Business Intelligence projects. We help companies understand their data and make data-driven decisions. Power BI can be integrated with many other source systems, to allow companies to extract and transform data, create dashboards and share them across the organization and collaborate more seamless than ever.

What to expect from Power BI?

Quick access to business data

Short time to value

Interactive Dashboards

Rapid data analysis

Effective what-if analysis with different scenarios

Realistic predictions to know where the company is heading to

Competitive edge

What to expect from Sereviso consultants?


Expertise and experience

Attention to details

Consumer-oriented approach

Results oriented strategy

Fast deployment of the project

Our dedication for state of the art projects determined us to search for new technology partners that can support our initiatives. One of them, IQBS, is specialized in delivering and implementing Business Intelligence solutions based on Microsoft platforms and Power BI is one of them. The combined knowledge allows us to create out of the box projects according to specific business requirements and environments.

Find the right solution for your industry



Financial Services

Supply chain


Oil & Energy


Public Sector

Any industry can benefit the Power BI capabilities!


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