What is Kepion?

Kepion provides a simplified approach to financial planning and reporting solutions for companies of all sizes. Its software suite is based on Microsoft’s technology across the globe, giving enterprises the opportunity to adopt a leading planning software. Since Kepion is based on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and Business Intelligence platform, companies can incorporate their own Microsoft BI tool directly to Kepion to create reports and analysis.

Skyrocket on the market with a trusty technology consulting partner

Integrated business Planning with Sereviso and Kepion


Configure personalized planning apps for sales, finance, operations, marketing, and HR.

Spread values over time for upcoming revenue and see an immediate impact on the bottom line

Centralized management of assumptions, formulas for expense calculations and rollups

Real-time insights into your financial reporting & analysis


Visibility on projects with data updated in real-time


Conduct what-if analysis based on different revenue scenarios and assumptions.

Automatically integrate with demand data from CRM or other systems

Web-Based planning budgeting & forecasting software


Intuitive dashboards to create and manage projects with specific KPIs for ongoing performance.

Real-time aggregation engine that produces immediate top-line results upon each change in the planning process

What to expect from Sereviso consultants?


Expertise and experience

Attention to details

Consumer-oriented approach

Results oriented strategy

Fast deployment of the project

Being specialized in the area of planning & forecasting, business intelligence, and predictive analytics,  we created this alliance with Kepion to express our commitment to deliver high-quality financial management solutions to companies in Switzerland, Germany and all around the world. The collaboration between the companies is unique as Sereviso is the first Swiss company to join the partners’ group created by Kepion.

The right solution for your industry


Consulting Services

Financial Services

Non-profit Sector



Benefit the real competitive advantage offered by Kepion now!


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