Kepion: Business Intelligence Solutions for Financial Departments
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Kepion: Predictive Analytics Solutions for Financial Departments

Sereviso, a Swiss leading solutions provider, announced a strategic partnership with Kepion Solution, a global leader in corporate predictive analytics management software (CPM). Sereviso is specialized in the area of planning & forecasting, business intelligence, and predictive analytics and by creating this alliance with Kepion they commit to deliver high-quality financial management solutions to companies in Switzerland and Germany. The collaboration between the companies is unique as Sereviso is the first Swiss company to join the partners’ group created by Kepion.

“Sereviso is a highly experienced provider of consulting and advisory services for Business Intelligence and CPM technologies. We are very excited about our new partnership in delivering Kepion solutions to companies in two major European hubs for BI”, said Kevin Hsu, VP of Business Intelligence Development, Kepion Software.

“We live in a period of rapid changes, and we have to anticipate the needs that can appear on the market, to remain competitive and offer best solutions for our customers. Based on our background in planning and forecasting, we genuinely believe in our partnership with Kepion, a reliable solution with robust analytics capabilities, that can also be rapidly integrated into existing company’s infrastructure,” said Thomas Gassman (Partner, Planning, and Forecasting)

Sereviso has more than 120 years of accumulated experience in providing solutions and consultancy services to companies across different industries. The company’s focus is to design and implement complex systems in the fields of Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, as well as Planning and Forecasting according to businesses needs, and the rapid deployment methodology will extend Kepion’s excellence for efficient CPM implementation.

Kepion is a privately held company with headquarters in Seattle, WA. Its software suite is based on Microsoft’s technology across the globe, allowing enterprises to adopt a leading planning software. Moreover, since Kepion is based on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and Business Intelligence platform, companies have the opportunity to incorporate their own Microsoft BI tool directly to Kepion to create reports and analysis.

Kepion leads the market

Kepion’s excellence in delivering quality services lead to a global presence through strategic partnerships in Africa, Asia Pacific, Caribbean, Europe, Central America, North America, South America

Since the demand for planning and forecasting solutions increased year by year, Kepion became very popular. The studies showed that Kepion enables companies with rapid deployment of budgeting and forecasting capabilities. Moreover, the software can streamline the cycle time by up to 95%, improve the accuracy of data with automatic aggregation, and also increase the cost efficiency by 80% compared to legacy solutions.

The need for corporate performance management software

The Swiss software market increased by 14.2% in the past year according to SSIS, and the predictions for the future are promising. It seems like the highest demand for outsourcing comes from the software development sector. Most companies in this area prefer to develop IT projects with external contributors, as the cost of domestic IT resources is pretty high. Besides, Swiss companies prefer nearshore collaborations, so they are most likely to collaborate with local companies.

Along with the growing importance of software development in Switzerland, the market also experiences tremendous growth in the analytics segment. The need to track the customers’ journey determined companies to implement business intelligence solutions additionally to their planning solutions. However, organizations can now have both in the same place, giving them the possibility to plan and organize their initiatives according to the customers’ behavior and market trends highlighted by the reports.

The partnership between Sereviso and Kepion is a strategic move for both companies to deliver the best-suited solution for companies in the Swiss and German market and across the globe. Companies in various industries such as machinery and electrical engineering, cleantech, financial services, or retail, can leverage this promising alliance and drive their business development to the next level.

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