A Passion for
Corporate Performance Management

We design and implement systems in the areas of Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics as well as Planning and Change Management.

The foundation of our expertise are more than 120 years accumulated practical industry experience.

Our Philosophy & Principles

As practical industry experts,

  • we take a holistic view to business support systems,
  • drive a rapid deployment approach and
  • support the system’s adoption.

We are satisfied once the system is generating perceived added value in corporate performance management.

Our Strategic Approach, from Design to Service & Support

1. Diagnostic

Finance and related processes, data and systems supporting Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

2. Concept, Architecture & Design

CPM systems, including SAP, Infor, Dynamics NAV and Movex

Data structure and processes

3. Masterplan & Project Management

Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Business Intelligence Systems

4. Implementation

Rapid deployment with defined quality standard

5. Services, Support & Right Shoring

Project management

Project resourcing

Application management

6. Training

Customized training concepts

Training execution on- and offsite

Business Intelligence insights allow us to understand the world much better. As data discovery becomes crucial to organizations, business intelligence has given companies the ability to effectively grow their business and raise the competitive bar
48% of the top three use cases for big data is about Customer analytics
85 % of Business Leaders believe business intelligence will change the way of doing business
42 % of companies plan to deploy mobile business intelligence solutions

Source: forbes.com, gartner.com, matillion.com, betterbuys.com

Data Intelligence is a science. Let us help you benefitting from it.

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