Digitization, digitalization and digital transformation, which are the real differences. Why is it important for your business?
Companies using the discontinuous approach [to business model change] achieved 2.25 times the progress of typical firms

Digitization, digitalization and digital transformation, which are the real differences. Why is it important for your business?

New technology advances are integrating into our daily lifestyles more than ever, voice control devices which obey simple commands (Alexa, Google, etc…), automatic parking systems installed in our cars, smart fridges that show you what is inside the fridge without having to open it, smartphones, etc..

We are adapting these technologies and incorporating them into our daily routines to save time, energy or effort that we can spend in other things, such as hobbies, more time for ourselves…

Technology advances fast, hence, terminology has to develop at the same rithym. What is now called “digital transformation”, was preiously known as “digitalization”, and before that “digitization”, so let’s state the differences.


Is creating a digital copy of the physical things, (documents, photographs, manuscripts…) using for example scanners. This is the first step fowards digital transformation of your business. If we don’t take this step, we will be missing out in opportunities., as gaining competitive advantage or becoming an agile business.


Gartner’s IT glossary explains digitalization as “the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business.”

Digitalizing your business is a step forward into a digital business or digital transformation.

Digital Transformation.

One definition of digital transformation is: “Digital transformation is the profound and accelerating transformation of business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact across society in a strategic and prioritized way.”

So, what is the difference between digitalization and digital transformation?

Digitalization is about applying technology into the existing business. Digital transformation means doing things in a new, digital way by using digitalization. Digital transformation includes all aspects of business, like customer psychology, growth strategy, performance, etc…

In a nutshell.

To build a digital business, you will need digitization, digitalization and digital transformation. 

We can make this three processes clear thorugh an example: I have a jewelry physical store, I take the physical book description of my jewelry and convert them into digital (DIGITIZATION), using a camara, scanner… to make my physical resources digital (DIGITALIZATION). Once I have all my physicial resources in a digital format, I create a webiste, online shop, customer support page… Then I train my employees on how to process the online orders, respond to customer queries… (DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION).

Digital Era is here to stay and it is just starting to change businesses know-how. With time more and more business will be adapting this digital transformation, so, do you want to lose your competitive advantage?

At sereviso, we have access to all the new technologies and we keep up to date on technology advances. Our work focuses on offering better solutions for our customers, that will reduce time waste and help business managers have an updated overview of their business, while reducing work effort in repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Check our case study with Lonza for more information about how we work. 

Send us a message or check our solutions for more information, we can help your business move one step forward into digital transformation.

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