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Gioia Valalta
Artificial Intelligence

Gioia Valalta - Artificial Intelligence Consultant Contact

This event is going to focus in depth on how the process for developing a machine learning model is done. There will be a lot of concepts explained. We will be sharing the development process of our Account Receivable (A/R) solution, based on a XGBoost classification. A senior panel will discuss the process and the implications for data professionals. Concretely, topics will include:

  • Define adequately our problem (objective, desired outputs) 
  • Gather data
  • Choose a measure of success
  • Set an evaluation protocol 
  • Prepare the data (dealing with missing values, with categorical values) 
  • Split correctly the data
  • Differentiate between over and underfitting, defining what they are and explaining the best ways to avoid them
  • An overview of how a model learns
  • Choose an adequate model and tune it to get the best performance possible