Understanding Company Data Leads to Better Business and Predictive Analytics
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Understanding Company Data Leads to Better Business and Predictive Analytics

Swiss company Sereviso partnered with InsideInsight, a service, and software company that designs, builds and implements advanced solutions for corporate performance management (CPM).

Sereviso’s commitment is to offer dedicated planning systems capable of granting flexibility, performance, and scalability to various companies and departments. The products guarantee a proven implementation methodology and change management processes.

With these kinds of tools, organizations can focus on those products, services, and customers that contribute most to the overall profitability. The results of predictive analysis lead to better business decisions, allowing a simulation and anticipation of business trends and changing dynamics both in the own company and in the outside world. Companies can perform advanced business analytics, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of various processes. Among business process advancements there are Benchmarking, Lean Management, and Supply Chain Optimization.

Business and Predictive Analytics 

To stand out from the competition and to reach business goals, planning tools become indispensable. More and more companies realize the importance of implementing planning processes with the aid of performant tools.

As an extension of data mining, predictive analytics takes one step further, by analyzing historical facts and current data in order to identify opportunities and risks and to obtain better insights on products, customers, and partners. A full transparency into the business’s data landscape will pave the way towards profitability, efficiency, and success. Thus, machine learning algorithms, predictive and prescriptive analytics tools become a strong ally of today’s organizations.

The toolbox Sereviso product suite contains an increasing number of instruments, assuring rapid deployment methodology to drive results in a fast and agile manner. The newest tool in our portfolio is InsideInsight, built on four pillars of development: generic, highly interactive, fast model building, and innovative in visualizations.

A key aspect of InsideInsight is that it can be used in any business, both for analysis and decision support. The business processes can be modeled and customized according to specific needs of the organization.

Leverage the Predictive Company Analytics Tools to Extract Future Trends and Predictions

The methods and approaches applied by Sereviso establish a standing CPM system. And if we talk specifically about InsideInsight, this tool helps in improving overall achievements through the support of management in strategic, tactical and operational decision-making business performance.

InsideInsight is a powerful calculation engine that permits the shaping of TDABC (time-driven activity-based costing) models with user-defined resources, activities, and processes, products and services. The benefits of TDABC are more accurate costs and cost calculations, better insights into profitability, and quickly change of business rules that the cost drivers use. Businesses can use cost drivers that apply to their needs and define their business-rules while assigning them to drivers.

InsideInsight is a tool offered by SerevisoAs a consulting and solution provider in the field of corporate performance management, Sereviso follows his commitment to supporting companies in designing, implementing and running systems for Business Intelligence (BI), Planning and Forecasting, Business and Predictive Analytics, as well as other support tools.

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Business and Predictive Analytics