Business and Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a form of advanced analytics that uses both new, actual and historical data as well as internal and external data to forecast future behavior and trends. It involves applying statistical analysis techniques, analytical queries and automated machine learning algorithms in order to create predictive models that place a numerical value on the likelihood of a particular event happening.

Predictive analytics requires a high level of expertise with statistical methods and the ability to build predictive data models, to gather relevant data, to prepare it for analysis, to visualize data and to create dashboards and reports. At SEREVISO, we believe in the massive potential that predictive analytics have to move corporate performance management yet to a higher level.

Industry Solutions

  • Profitability analysis: EC-PCA, Anaplan
  • Predictive analytics: IBM SPSS



  • Dynamic sensitivity analysis
  • Scenario modeler
  • KPI driven predictions
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