How can a BI consulting company help your business?
BI consulting company

How can a BI consulting company help your business?

Impressive technological advancements marked the past few years, and businesses are starting to understand the benefits brought by them. Productivity, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness are only a few advantages experienced by the tech-driven organizations. Undoubtedly, Business Intelligence is one solution that impacted the business world massively. Strategic decisions are now based on actual data, and not on intuition, making every process work as planned. But before being able to leverage the BI capabilities, companies have to implement a solution suitable for their business model and industry. And here is where a BI consulting company can step into the game.

If you would like to know what a BI consulting company can do for your business, read on and you’ll find out!

Reducing Risks Before Even Implementing a Solution

Too many business intelligence initiatives fail due to a combination of challenges and risks such as poor data quality, the lack of BI expertise, or not accommodating the reporting needs a company has. These kinds of problems could lead to months and even years of lost investments and opportunities.

An experienced BI consulting company such as Sereviso can address these challenge, and let the organization evolve and achieve new levels of development. Here are some aspects where a collaboration with a BI consulting firm is helpful:

  • Nurture a solid set of objectives, as well as a realistic vision and business strategy
  • Enhance the quality of data
  • Streamline the access to all data sources
  • Adjust the BI tools to the specific business requirements
  • Select and implement the most suitable tool for the business
  • Maximize the return on investments with proper BI training for the users

The general belief is that companies might spend too much if they partner with a consulting firm, compared to choosing a BI solution on their own. But when an organization’s board of managers decides to collaborate with a team of consultants, they are making sure that all the investments are going to over exceed the expectations thanks to the consultants’ extensive experience and knowledge.

Make the Most of the Company’s Data

In many cases, companies don’t realize how much data they have and how valuable it is until partnering with a consulting company. They only realize the true value of their data after involving experts, as they ensure proper data management and -governance, which is essential for analyzing it.

Moreover, a consulting company will always create a project roadmap or use a reliable methodology to implement the solution. Let’s take a look over Sereviso’s approach to making the most of a company’s data to understand how this works:

  • Discovery: before starting a project, we analyze each detail of the business to define the business requirements, the key performance indicators, and also the infrastructure. By doing so, we make sure that we have a solid foundation for the next project phases.
  • Analyze and diagnose: with the information from the first step in mind we are now able to set up a prototype, identify the suitable reporting models and the dashboard design.
  • Data preparation: as mentioned above, data management and preparation is crucial. That’s why we make sure that all the aspects from data architecture to integration or warehousing are covered in the project and understood by the business that will benefit the solution.
  • Deployment: the quality of data is vital for the future analysis and reports, and one of the BI roadmap steps is ensuring it. Also, in this phase, we configure, extend and customize the BI tool development.
  • Testing: Of course nothing is implemented without being properly tested. If a tool is rolled out and something breaks or data is not correct, this leads to mistrust of the users, risking the success of the overall project. After setting up all the business requirements, we check the solution for potential errors and also fine-tune the solution for better results.
  • Training: changing something in the way a business operates might raise some challenges for the employees. The frustration of not knowing how to use a tool properly might lead to errors. Such scenarios can be avoided by ensuring training sessions for all the BI users. This phase of the BI implementation is crucial for a high user adoption rate.
  • Support: if you thought that the project is over, we have to say the contrary. After the tool implementation, any business needs assistance and support. Also, by ensuring a long-term relationship, the consulting company can suggest further updates and optimizations for advanced reporting capabilities, and that’s what we’ve done so far.

Choosing to work with a BI consulting company is definitely a strategic decision. With a reliable partner, you can address and overcome any challenge that might arise, and the insights provided by the BI tool will give enterprises the opportunity to understand the market and their consumers indeed.

Are you still wondering who to choose as your BI partner? We can help! Our business intelligence methodology has been successfully applied to a wide range of industries. If you’re interested, have a look at our rapid deployment approach, which gives you the advantage of using the tool in only six weeks from the start.

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