Adaptive Insights exceeds the market expectations
Adaptive insights

Adaptive Insights exceeds the market expectations

One of the Sereviso’s main technology partners, Adaptive Insights, which is specialized in cloud corporate performance management systems (CPM), experienced massive development in the past year. If only a few months ago we were announcing the partnership with the company and highlighted our commitment to deliver high-quality services, now we are proud to see how things improve for both of us. Even more, Sereviso’s customers can now benefit the new features that Adaptive is offering for each project.

Since their foundation in 2003, Adaptive Insights has provided extraordinary solutions for over 3500 companies and nonprofit organizations across the globe. Dedicated to Financial and HR departments, the services provided allowed companies to empower the business leaders with practical insights and to grow their business through data-driven decisions.

Technology is a significant competitive advantage for any company nowadays, and Adaptive Insights leaders know that very well: “On-premises ERP systems are no longer the center of the IT universe. If you see yourself as the keeper of the infrastructure, you will be left behind.” says Jim Johnson, CFO of Adaptive Insights

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Gartner’s Magic Quadrant recognizes the company’s potential

Adaptive Insights has proven on many occasions the service reliability and the professionalism of the involved teams. Now, their commitment to delivering the best in class services are globally recognized thanks to the latest Gartner Report on Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions.

According to Gartner, Adaptive Insights is the market leader for Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions. It’s the second consecutive year as a leader for Adaptive Insights, and that’s thanks to the massive investments they made in their service architecture. Of course, this impressive development wouldn’t be possible without the users. The Gartner survey highlighted some of the most reported benefits offered by the Adaptive Insights services. On top of the list, we can find the ease of implementation, use, and maintenance, followed by the flexibility, performance and also lifecycle management. However, the report also revealed that the overall experience with the vendor is an essential factor in customer satisfaction, and Adaptive Insights seems to excel.

As announced previously this year, the company released a new generation of cloud planning services with its patent Elastic Hypercube Technology, which adds innovation and intelligence to the Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud solution.

Also called the `future of finance,` Adaptive Insights is rated in the Gartner Peer Insights with a 4.6 out of 5 score for the Cloud Strategic Corporate Performance Management Solutions, based on more than 100 reviews. The rating proves once again the high-quality services provided to each of its customers. Even more, the ranking exceeds any other competitor on the market, including the bigger companies on the market like Oracle.

Smart solutions for companies across the globe

The Financial, as well as the Sales and HR planning solution provided by Adaptive Insights, have been successfully implemented by many companies from various industries. Retail, healthcare, manufacturing or business services are only a few of them.

What the solutions do for companies is to solve the challenges they were faced with for years. For examples, many companies face long budgeting and forecasting cycles, which influences the time allocated for data analysis. Another challenge that companies face is ensuring data accuracy, an essential factor in providing practical insights. And even growing companies can meet financial challenges, mostly when their new structure requires new complexities that determine latency in reporting and analysis.

All these challenges have been solved with Adaptive Insight. The ease of use allowed companies to improve the accuracy and transparency of all their metrics, cash flow and return on investment. Additionally, the automated solution gives organizations the opportunity to execute monthly forecasts for future business decisions. It is clear that the customers found the Adaptive Insight solution more than useful, as it empowers executives with a better understanding of their data and allows them to reach specific goals.

Final Thoughts

We are proud to partner with Adaptive Insights. The knowledge that Sereviso’s consultants have combined with the latest technologies offered by our partner are the key to successful projects and happy customers. Team with us to benefit the great solutions that we build!

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