Company overview

Sereviso is a Swiss consultancy company in the field of corporate performance management. We support both industrial and service companies in developing, implementing and running technological solutions for business intelligence, planning and forecasting, as well as predictive analytics.

Our experienced consultants apply a series of proven methods and approaches to support the process of building efficient corporate performance management systems. We also support each customer during the entire process of establishing a project, from initial analysis to operational maintenance, so they could leverage power of their data at its best.

How do we measure our success? We take into account the company’s perceived added value in managing corporate performance, system’s adoption rate, system’s utilization rate in daily business activities.

We have been running projects for customers in Europe, North America and Asia alike using our established associates in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and India.

Company overview - Corporate Performance Management

Intelligent Business Approach


Review / Conceptualization / Design of Corporate Performance Management systems (CPM)

System Diagnostics

Finance and related processes, data and systems supporting Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Architecture, conceptualization & design

CPM systems, including SAP, Infor, Dynamics NAV and Movex

Data structure and processes


Project management

Project resourcing

Application management support

Outsourcing & Offshoring



Cost savings

Clients that trust us

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